Drought Triggers New Firefighter Policy

6-14-06 - Dangerous temperatures have prompted a new policy from Grayson County fire chiefs.

On Monday the Grayson County Association of Fire Chiefs activated the system that will automatically dispatch mutual aid on grass fire alarms. What that means is that once a call comes in, the top department under the second alarm will be dispatched with the first.

Not only are the grass fire calls going up, but on a day like today with temperatures going up, fighting those fires can really wear on firefighters, especially volunteers, but Sherman Fire Department is just one who is taking part in a recently activated alarm system.

It should allow for plenty of help at every fire, but will likely mean increased workloads for each department, and when you are talking about volunteer departments, that's a big commitment. But the fire chiefs in the area are united when it comes to putting the fires out.

Capt. Donnie Glenn of the Sherman Dire Dept. said, “Our fire departments are good about getting two or three men or women to go out and fight these fires.”

This is not the first time Grayson County has used this system. In fact, they used it last fall when things got dry. Fire chiefs say they expect to see just as many, if not more, grass fires this summer.

Grayson County commissioners will consider implementing a burn ban this Monday.