Oklahoma running low on driver's manuals

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DURANT, Okla. -- Driver’s manuals in Oklahoma are hard to find right now. For the first time in history, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is running low on the manuals— and funding to print them. Rashi Vats has more.

The biggest challenge now facing Oklahomans looking to take their driving tests isn't the test itself. It's finding a manual to study from.

Megan Coxey is taking her driving test and says she doesn't know how she would have done it without a driver's manual to study from.

"I had mine in my truck forever. I think it is something you do need. A kid needs it," Coxey says.

But now the manuals are a scarce resource. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is running low on the informational booklets and do not have funding to publish more. OHP officials blame the national economy and the high price of fuel.

"When gasoline prices start getting high and we are trying to gas up 863 cruisers that patrol the streets every single day and they are having to chase down people that are running fast or trying to get to an emergency call, " Capt. Ronnie Hampton of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says.

Now OHP is partnering with the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, which will provide the extra money for publication, but it may take a while before you will see more manuals in print.

Until then drivers can go online and print the 103-page manual. Driving schools in Oklahoma say that costs them about $5 per manual, and students say printed copies are not as good as the real thing.

"I mean honestly with a manual, I would hate to have to print it off like they're saying now. The book is so much better," Coxey says.

But there are some advantages to the online version.

"In this day of technology you have a lot of people that have access to the internet for a multitude of things, and this is just one more thing that they can do .instead of going to a DPS office, and it allows them to do the research online," Capt. Hampton said.

It looks like that is the only solution for residents of Oklahoma’s 77 counties right now until OHP hits the road with more manuals.

Captain Hampton says 100,000 manuals are expected to be ready within the next month. To get the manual online, click the link below.


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