Winning Powerball Jackpot Sold in OK

6-18-06 - OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Oklahoma has its first Powerball jackpot winner. For the first time since the state started offering Powerball earlier this year, a ticket bought in Oklahoma has matched all six numbers drawn in the multi-state lottery game.

The winner of last night's 101-point-eight million-dollar jackpot can take either take 30 installments over a 29-year period or a lump sum payment of more than 46-point-two million dollars

The winning numbers were 10, 20, 22, 39, 48 and the Powerball was 25.

Oklahoma started offering Powerball in January and has had several people match the first five numbers to win 200-thousand dollars.

A couple from Foss in western Oklahoma won one million dollars by matching the first five numbers and buying a multiplier that earned them five times the amount.