Two-Car Accident: Children Not Buckled Up

6-20-06 - A Denison child was flown to Dallas Tuesday afternoon after the van he was riding in was broadsided by a car than ran a red light. Neither the baby boy nor his one-year-old sibling were restrained.

Sherman police say around 2:30, a woman heading west on Lamberth ran a red light at Highway 75 and smashed into the side of a van, carrying a family of six from Denison.

Of the four children inside, police say the two youngest, a two-month-old and one-year-old, were not restrained. The two-month-old was unconscious when emergency crews arrived but later regained consciousness.

He was flown to children's in Dallas. The other children were taken to Wilson N. Jones. Both drivers involved were driving without a license. The driver of the van had no insurance.