Water Restrictions Tightened in Colbert

Three weeks ago, residents in Colbert were put on watering restrictions, amid a water crisis, but now new restrictions and at the same time the city's school in violation.

Just follow the red dot, the marker rises and falls with the levels in the water tower. 90 feet is good and 25 feet is bad enough to shut down the town.

On Monday night, Colbert got within one foot of the limit.

Randall Gorman, Colbert mayor, said, "Last weekend we were ok - but for some reason people wanted to do what they felt they needed to and I can't go that route."

The mayor took to the street himself. He heard the school was watering their softball field, he even emailed KXII newsroom pictures.

He said, "The school is aware that I locked their meters up in two areas."

The superintendent says he doesn't know who turned the water on, but the school has complied with past restrictions.

The mayor wants the police department to ticket who ever turned on the water.

So far, the school has not received a citation and since the restrictions began three weeks ago, the police chief hasn't given out any tickets.

Outdoor watering only allowed Wednesdays 6 p.m.-9 p.m.