Sulphur Veterans Ctr - Funding Approved

6-26-06 - State lawmakers have approved $7 million for a new facility at the Oklahoma Veteran's Center in Sulphur. The main building is 83-years-old and has dozens of problems. The money is the first step in getting the rest of the money needed.

Their building, built back in 1923 is not fully handicapped accessible. The roof is falling apart and termites have moved in.

Now Oklahoma lawmakers voted to allocate $7 million to build a new facility. A move local legislators and hospital administrators have been pushing for at least six years.

Rep. Wes Hilliard, said, “If you spend much time in an Oklahoma Vet Center and you get to know those veterans who are there and the sacrifices they've made with their lives and families to defend our freedom, then they deserve a nice place to stay when they need it."

The federal government has to pitch in $13 million before construction can begin.