Library Funding Boosted in Grayson Co

Grayson county commissioners aren't closing the book on public libraries after all. While many were worried library funding would be completely cut off on Monday the county went from funding six libraries to nine.

The Sherman Library hasn't been funded by the county for a couple of years but now they're back on the list.

This afternoon wall to wall library supporters were facing the commissioners pleading with them to continue showing support for public libraries in the county by providing each of them 2,000 dollars a year.

The money allows county residents free access to local libraries.

Whitesboro asked for 2,600 dollars and Sherman requested to be added to the funding list. In the end commissioners granted every library their wish.

The newest county libraries, Tom Bean and Gunter will also begin receiving funding.

Sherman will receive the same amount as Whitesboro, 2,600 dollars. They are the largest libraries in the county.

That leaves the county spending nearly 7,000 dollars more on libraries this year than last.