Ardmore Airpark Eyes Free Trade Zone

6-27-06 A new vision for the Ardmore Air Park promises to put the city on a global scale. The Ardmore Development Authority has plans to make the air park a hub of international trade. The plan is in the infant stages, but it's one developers say they can make happen.

In a few years, they plan to turn the airport into a free-trade zone, importing and exporting anything from livestock to electronics in the air, on the ground, and on the railways.

But that plan takes resources, including infrastructure and investments from million dollar companies. Corporations in the U.S. and worldwide have already shown interest.

With Ardmore nestled in the heart of the south, the 2nd fastest growing region in the country, developers say it’s the perfect spot for a hub of this magnitude.

Remember, the idea is young, but developers hope to have the plan set in stone within a year.