Hugo Officer Fired After Risqué Photo

Courtesy: Hugo Daily News

6-27-06 - A Hugo police officer was fired this week for inappropriate conduct while on duty. The termination followed a photo published in a local newspaper that showed questionable conduct.

The officer's name has not been released. The photo was taken by a citizen on a public street on Sunday. It shows a female half in and half out of a patrol car in a state of undress. The officer can be seen in the front seat, although it's unclear what was going on. The photo was published in the Hugo Daily News on Monday.

The city released this statement today: “The police officer was engaging in activities while on duty that could bring reproach and discredit to the city of Hugo and the Hugo Police Department. As a result of this activity by the police officer while on duty, the city of Hugo and the Hugo Police Department terminated the employment of the Hugo police officer, effective immediately."

City officials say the officer had been with the department for less than a year and as recently as June 6 was put on leave without pay for a separate incident.