Warnings to Colbert Water Problems?

6-27-06 - Residents in the Bryan County town of Colbert are on water restrictions after a shortage threatened to shut down the city. But some say the problem could have been prevented.

Water restrictions in Colbert have not been easy on gardeners including Orval White. He's one of the lucky ones. He has a well.

But White has another interest in the water shortage. He says he predicted it six years ago. White was on an advisory committee studying the water system. Back then, he recommended Colbert search for another source of water to supply the town in the long-term.

The mayor was a council member back then. And while other improvements like a new water tower were made, the council tabled the idea of finding a new water source.

Colbert's aquifer is not keeping up with demand. Today, the tower was more than half full. Sunday night, it was a foot away from forcing the city to shut down.

White says the town should form another water committee before another the long hot summer takes its toll.