Gas Price Protest Targets Ralph Hall

6-28-06 - A political action group staged a protest in Sherman on Wednesday – aimed at Texas District 4 U.S. Representative Ralph Hall. Members of “Move-on” claim Hall is one of dozens of Republicans who take contributions from big oil companies and then let them get away with high prices.

In a telephone conversation on Thursday, Hall said he makes no excuses about his campaign supporters. "Anyone that wants to accuse a person of being bought or being in their pockets, they need to know that person. I don't represent a district like that. I'd be fighting for energy if they didn't give me 5 cents," said Hall.

In this election year, Hall has accepted $12,000 in money from energy companies. But he points out that he received the same amount if not more every year that he served as a democrat. Hall switched parties three years ago amid redistricting.

One dozen protestors waved to drivers and held signs at the Exxon at US Hwy 75 and Lamar Street in Sherman, from 5 to 7pm. Local “Move on” member Janet Lowry says, “We would like to see less money going to congress from oil companies and more of them paying attention to energy policy for the consumer and for the citizens."

The rally was part of a nationwide protest involving some 300 rallies. Supporters blame the Republican controlled congress for rejecting Democratic attempts to move toward energy independence.

Hall countered today, saying, "I respect move on - they're a company and trying to raise funds and trying to collect money from people themselves. I don't worry about them, and I'm not in big oil pockets, but I am by their side."

And Hall says he’s working to bring down gas prices. He recently helped pass a bill that opens the door for more oil drilling.