Inmates Caught During Escape

6-29-06 - One night after our cameras went behind the walls of the Bryan County jail, authorities caught two inmates trying to escape. Two jailers and a deputy spotted the two inmates trying to break through a door window on Wednesday night.

The jailers got a tip from another inmate that the attempt was happening. The inmates used a tray to break a small hole in a cell window earlier in the week. By Wednesday night, they'd widened the hole to the size of a beachball. Both Ethan Ewton and Gary Larkins crawled through it and into an access hallway. That's when they used a fire extinguisher to try and smash a hole in the door window that led outside. But before they had success, they were stopped by the jailers and the deputy.

Deputies have recently started patrolling both jail buildings after several inmates escaped over the past 1.5 years.

Ethan Ewton of Cartwright, is in jail on child abuse charges after his 5-month-old girl suffered injuries during a bath. Larkins was in jail on burglary charges.