Money Order Scam Hits Locally

7-7-06 - You see the ads on television and the Internet almost every day from companies claiming you can earn money from home without doing any work. Now the FBI and the US Postal Service are investigating.

Ardmore police say a woman came to them yesterday. She says that she saw a television ad that talked about making money from home.

After logging on to their Web site and picking a company named United Asian Trading Company, she received six postal money orders for $700 each. She was told to keep ten percent and send the rest to an address in Atlanta.

Then on Wednesday, she received more money orders. But this time, the banks wouldn't cash them, and after taking them to the post office, found out they were fake.

After talking to Ardmore police, they say this isn't the first time someone has reported a similar scam.

After talking to some bankers here in Ardmore, they said even though people who come in with checks or money orders like this might be innocent, it's possible that those people could be held liable for the money once it's discovered the documents are fake.

Ardmore police say they receive reports of scams like this one a few times a week. The number usually jumps closer to holidays like Christmas.