Local Counties Receive State Grants

7-10-06 - The following is a news release from the offices of Sen. Jay Paul Gumm and Rep. Paul Roan:

Two counties in southeast Oklahoma have received $250,000 in state grants for community revitalizations Sen. Jay Paul Gumm, Rep. Paul Roan and Gov. Brad Henry announced recently.

Gumm said that Coal County will be receiving a $150,000 grant for the construction of a County Community Health Clinic. The funds will be used to rehabilitate a building in Coalgate that has been donated by General Hospital because it is currently 75-percent unoccupied. Johnston County is in line for a $100,000 grant that will help with the construction of a 100 x 120 foot County livestock, trade show and meeting building at the County Fairgrounds. Together these projects will benefit more than 16,000 citizens in southeastern Oklahoma.

“These grants are so important for our rural areas,” said Gumm, D-Durant. “They help provide local citizens with a higher quality of life by giving them the financial resources to meet their infrastructure needs. In this case, Coal County citizens are going to have better access to health care and residents in Johnston County will have a multipurpose building for recreation and business.”

Roan noted that the grants are made available each year to incorporated towns, cities and counties by the ODOC through funding provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

“I’m so pleased that these two counties received these grants. They are going to make a world of difference in the lives of the local citizens,” said Roan, D-Tishomingo. “These grants allow our towns, cities and counties to meet their various infrastructure needs like road repairs, storm drainage projects, fire protection and handicap accessibility – needs that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.”

The CDBG Community Revitalization program helps eligible cities, towns, and counties with improvements that have been identified in their Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan takes into consideration the goals and needs specific to the community and encourages an increase in the quality of life in the community.