Grayson Constable Argues for Unequal Pay

7-11-06 - A Grayson County constable says equal pay is not a good thing for the county. C.C. Wade's constable precinct covers Sherman, which he says means more work for him, but the pay isn't equitable.

Two weeks ago the commissioners did not grant constable Wade the unmarked county car he asked for to perform his duties serving civil process. On Tuesday, he showed up again asking for changes regarding the salaries of the four constables in the county.

Two years ago, the commissioners decided to pay all four constables in the county the same amount. Prior to that, their wages were based on workload. That change increased two of the constables' salaries more than 150 percent.

Wade says the pay should go back to the way it was. In his case, he covers Sherman and has a much greater workload.

The commissioners did not come to a decision today, but two weeks ago they denied Wade's request to drive an unmarked vehicle, something he feels would help him do his job more effectively.

The commissioners reasoning behind their decision is that they feel the constable should be visible. As far as the salary changes, the county judge says more than likely they will remain equal.

The four justices of the peace in Grayson County do make different salaries based on their workload.