Pottsboro City Manager Takes Other Offer

7-12-06 Just days before he was expected on the job, Pottsboro’s new city manager has decided to take another offer.

Last month, the city of Pottsboro chose Tony Daughtery, the town's former superintendent, to be their new city manager. But just two days before he was set to sign his contract, Daughtery, who was more recently Tioga's school superintendent, took a similar job as the new head of the Hugo school district.

It means Pottsboro will once again resume their search for a new city manager. They have been without one for six months and that's an added burden on council members and the city secretary.

Mayor Frank Budra was informed of the decision on Monday. He said Daughtery was apologetic but the move was an obvious one to make.

Mayor Budra says they will consider some of those finalists they had for the job the first time around and will also look at the Texas Municipal League Bulletin. He didn't give a deadline but says the council wants the position filled as quickly as possible.