Grayson Jail Report Completed

A recent report on the Grayson County Jail pointed out some problems. Now it has county leaders thinking about a new jail in the future.

A few months ago consultants were brought in to look over the Grayson County Jail and identify any possible problems. Wednesday that report came in, and while some things were expected for a building 20 years old, others raised some eyebrows.

The report pointed out some physical problems with the building. A lot of it due to wear and tear that has taken its toll over the jail's 21 years. Fixing them is easier said than done. The manufacturers of little things like the jail's doors and locks have gone out of business, so replacing them are difficult and costly.

The sheriff and county commissioners will go to work on how to fix some of the problems outlined, but the report also spurred thoughts that the only true remedy might be something new in the future.

Sheriff Keith Gary of the Grayson County Sheriff's Office said, “Cooke County has a new jail, Fannin has a new jail, and we continue to grow we expect it to continue to grow.”

The final portion of the report will be released in October. It will include price guidelines for fixing these problems, and they'll have to last. Even if a new jail was approved today it would be three years until it opened.

Grayson County Jail has been at capacity and has contracted with other jails to help house all their inmates.