Bargain hunters wait in line for Sherman store’s liquidation sale

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SHERMAN, Tex. ― After Circuit City announced earlier this week its Sherman store would be among the locations closing later this year, bargain hunters were lined up outside the door for the first day of the store’s liquidation sale.

While no firm closing date yet, Circuit City corporate officials say all of the 155 stores closing across the nation will be closed by December 31.

Nonetheless, folks lined up to get a good deal Wednesday morning in Sherman.

Store managers still said they could not comment, but many customers like Sherry Brisco did.

“That’s a shame. I hate the store closing because I know it's going to lose a lot of people their jobs, and we need a lot of jobs in this town. I hate that. We're just now getting big like Dallas and getting nice stores and then this one has to go out, and it's really a shame," Ms. Brisco said.

We tried to find out what the Circuit City store closings would mean for the distribution plant in Ardmore, but corporate officials say they have no plans for the plant workers at this time.

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