State Park Scorched by Wildfire - Update

7-25-06 - One day after a fire burned 400 acres in and around the Eisenhower State Park, crews were still taking precautions to prevent further damage.

By Wednesday morning, a few hots spots had flared back up, but Denison firefighters put them out. The US Forest Service wasl on site with bulldozers to create a fire break just in case.

The fire began about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, north of highway 406 just off of 84. It's not clear how it started, but the flames spread quickly to the Eisenhower State Park. The fire reached the shoreline in some areas.

An evacuation of the entire park nearly happened, but fire crews determined that the threat had subsided.

Eight agencies worked the fires: Sherman, Denison, Pottsboro, Preston, Locust, Cartwright, Colbert, and Grayson Co. Airport. LifeStar, the rescue helicopter based at Wilson N. Jones, helped out by flying overhead to let firefighters know the fire's boundaries.

The cause of that fire has not been determined.