Yates Acquitted by Reason of Insanity

HOUSTON (AP) - 07-26-06 - A Harris County jury today acquitted Andrea Yates by reason of insanity on charges she drowned three of her children in a bathtub.

The jury of six men and six women deliberated for about 12 hours over three days before acquitting Yates -- who stood silently and showed little apparent emotion as the verdicts were read. She then sat back in her chair with a wide-eyed stare, then bowed her head and wept quietly.

The verdict means Yates will be committed to a state mental hospital until a judge deems that's she's no longer a threat.

The retrial was needed after a state appeals court overturned her 2002 capital murder convictions and life sentences. The court cited inaccurate testimony by a prosecution expert.

Yates and her attorneys have never disputed that she drowned all five of her children in their Houston-area home in June 2001.

But the attorney's say she suffered from severe postpartum psychosis and thought Satan was inside her and drowned her children to save them from damnation.