Gunter Development May Face Fight

7-27-06 A growing city is making big plans in southern Grayson County but some neighbors of a new Gunter housing development are upset about what could end up next door.

it's not only the fact that a sewage treatment plant may be build right next to their homes, but some county residents say the city of Gunter’s plans to consider taking the land through eminent domain just plain stinks.

At the developer's request, Gunter annexed some 1500 acres planned for home sites on FM 121. Yet before any work can be done, the city must make some changes.

The current sewage treatment pond system can't accommodate the growth, so the city is looking to build a more modern one. Right outside the city limits, they found the ideal site: 28 acres up for sale. But the facility won't service rural residents, even though it's county land that will be used.

City officials say they're working with the landowner to find a price that meets both their needs. But if a low enough number can't be reached, they could condemn the land and buy it anyway.