Some injuries in Anna school bus wreck

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ANNA, Tex. - Another student was hospitalized after Wednesday night's school bus crash, bringing the total number of injured kids to 18. Thankfully, none of those injuries were serious.

Anna police say the student was taken home after the bus crash, but the parents then took that child to the hospital just as a precaution.

The student was treated and released.

Nine other kids who were taken to the Medical Center Of McKinney have been treated and released as well. Four were taken to Wilson N. Jones in Sherman, but have since returned home.

The cause of the crash is still being investigated, but the driver reportedly told police he experienced some type of mechanical failure.

From Wednesday...

A school bus carrying dozens of kids crashed in Collin County Wednesday afternoon, leaving several injured and shutting down some area roadways. Josh Stevenson and Rashi Vats bring us team coverage on this story.

The accident happened Wednesday afternoon as the kids were on their way home from school. The bus carreened off of FM 455, hitting a utility pole.

Thankfully, no one suffered any life-threatening injuries

Around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, students boarded Bus 68 at nearby Anna School. According to police, just five minutes later that bus struck a guardrail while crossing a bridge, then crashed into a utility pole.

In all, 17 children were transported, ranging in age from 6 to 16 years old. Nine kids were taken to the Medical Center of McKinney, six went to Wilson N. Jones in Sherman. Two special needs students were taken by ambulance to Medical Center in Dallas.

"The coordination between the fire department and the various ambulance companies and police departmants that responded I thought was very good," said Sgt. Jeff Caponera of the Anna Police Department.

The driver of the bus refused medical treatment, and according to Collin County officials, he reported that some type of mechanical failure may have been to blame for the collision.

"Right now we've got our accident investigators out, the took thier measurements, put it to paper. We will get a diagram and hopefully be able to determine what caused this crash," Sgt. Caponera said.

Anna Police say most of the injuries were not serious.

"Non life threatening injuries is what we've got, minor injuries, most of the kids were trransported for precautionary measures," Sgt. Caponera said.

Right now, Anna Police and Texas DPS are working to determine what exactly caused this crash.

One of those injured students, treated at Wilson N. Jones, spoke to KXII about his harrowing experience Wednesday. Not only was this teenager scared for his own safety, but he was worried about the safety of all students who ride the bus. He spoke with our Rashi Vats.

The student we spoke with says he and his classmates had just boarded the bus to go home, when all of a sudden the bus went out of control.

"All I was worried about was getting my little sister off the bus and all of the little kids off the bus," said student Derick Ford.

That's what Derick was doing seconds after the school bus crashed in Anna.

"On the bus we were going across the bridge and the side of the bus was scrubbing the metal part of the bridge and the bus driver was swerving trying to control the bus and the next thing we knew, he hit the ditch," Ford said.

And then, Ford says he saw students rolling off of the bus.

"Some of the kids hit their heads on the windows and some got cuts and stuff. I know my little sister hit her head and you had some other kids rammed their faces into the seats from coming down into the car," said Ford.

Ford says this bus did not have seatbelts, but thinks they could have prevented those minor injuries.

"It might have been different," said Ford. "No one would get thrown off the bus."

Ford's legal guardian agrees and says administrators should consider putting seatbelts on school buses.

"I believe seat belts would have made less injuries because it was said that one of the little girls in the bus was flipped over two seats," said Fredrico Wells, Ford's legal guardian.

According to the Collin County Fire Marshal, Ford and five other students suffered only minor injuries and were treated at Wilson N. Jones Medical Center in Sherman.

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