Storms Spark Fires, Outages

8-6-06 - Power outages have been reported across the area as storms hit parts of Texoma. No severe weather warnings have been issues, but expect rain, wind and lightning. In Sherman, some traffic lights are not working, expect delays on the roads.

In Ardmore, Marietta, Dickson and Achille - some customers were without power after the storms hit.

Straight line winds caused damage to numerous homes in the Collinsville area. Fences and trees were downed. Fires also broke out across the area as power lines were torn down by high winds.

South of Collinsville, in Grayson County, lightning struck a home. It was destroyed by fire. A Collinsville firefighter on the scene was injured when lightning struck the ground near him. He was taken to the hospital in good condition and is expected to be released later Sunday night.

In Carter County, firefighters believe lighning started a barn fire on Hedges Road. No one was hurt, but the barn was destroyed.

Here is the latest from Megan Krannig in the weather center:

Strong to severe storms moved across Texoma this afternoon. The good news is it rained unfortunate part is not everyone saw the rain. As the storms moved through the area they were capable of producing heavy rainfall, pea size hail, frequent lightening, and wind gust anywhere from 45 to 60 mph.

As the sun set, the shower and storm activity weakened and should be gone in the next few hours. The rest of the forecast looks to be on track for tomorrow with another chance for showers and storms.