Ardmore Water Shortage - Update

8-9-06 - Crews are making progress in repairing two Ardmore city water pumps and city leaders have modified previous water restrictions.

Late Sunday afternoon, two of the city's three high pressure water pumps went down. When crews got inside to take a look, they found the aging motors' were corroded.

One of those pumps has since been repaired, and the other could be replaced by Wednesday afternoon.

Sunday night's problems left one pump running at the time. It can only provide nine million gallons of water a day while the city uses about 11 million.

For now, the city is asking residents to stick with the outdoor watering restrictions put in place on Monday. They'll reevaluate the plan later this week.

Starting Thursday, houses and businesses with a street address that ends in an even number will be allowed to water. On Friday, houses with odd numbers can water, and by Saturday, city leaders say restrictions will be lifted.