City Targets Sex Offender Hangouts

The City of Sherman is considering further restrictions on sex offenders. After creating an ordinance that would restrict where they can live, some city leaders are looking at further changes to where a sex offender can spend time.

Monday night the Sherman City Council was talking about sex offenders, and more importantly how to keep them away from areas where children spend a great deal of time.

A proposed ordinance designed to do just that is in the works.

Under the proposed law, police officers would be given the right to ticket a registered sex offender caught hanging around a little too long in one of those prohibited areas. But with a residential restriction also being proposed, the city says they are trying not to push the constitutional envelope.

You could make it where they couldn't go anywhere, want to protect children, but also not trample all over the rights of the sex offender.

As for what those rights include, the council has been informed of the proposal. It will be up to them to decide how much protection is enough.

Sherman is also considering a proposed residential restriction that would keep sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school or place where children gather.