Official Resigns After Investigation

The Marshall County safety director has resigned his post after an investigation into allegations involving a Department of Corrections inmate.

Donald Adams worked for Marshall County for several years until last week when an investigation alleging possible misconduct wrapped up.

As safety director, Adams was stationed out of County Barn 1. There he worked alongside DOC inmates hired through the state Public Work Program.

DOC's contract with Marshall County provides guidelines each entity must follow. Inmates must only work on public property and be supervised by a county employee at all times.

Back in March a concerned citizen contacted the Sheriff's Office saying Adams abused those guidelines. The sheriff turned the case over to the DA; he concluded his investigation last week.

District Attorney Craig Ladd of the 20th District said, "There's several ways I can proceed. I can file charges. There's a misdemeanor that would fit, a felony charge that would fit, or another option is deferred prosecution agreement."

The district attorney said he hasn't decided whether to file charges. He'll meet with Adams again at the end of the month and go from there.

Adams worked for Marshall County for decades before becoming safety director. He worked as a reserve sheriff's deputy. We were unable to reach him for comment.