West Nile Concerns in Ardmore

8-8-06 Two Ardmore men have been hospitalized with symptoms of the West Nile Virus. Tests have confirmed that one of the victims has the virus.

Both men are in their 70s. They were hospitalized this week with what doctors call classic symptoms of the West Nile Virus.

Cecil Schroder is in intensive care at mercy memorial hospital. Bill Manner is in ICU in Oklahoma City. Both are showing signs of West Nile, a high fever, intense headache, extreme tiredness, muscle weakness and dizziness.

Both were tested. Cecil's results came back negative, but Bill's were positive.

Because there's no cure, doctors can only treat the symptoms and without the proper care, it could result in death.

But some don't even know they have it. 80 percent of patients show no symptoms. That's why officials urge you to protect yourself by wearing repellent containing DEET and draining items around your home that collect standing water.

Manner is listed in fair condition at mercy hospital in Oklahoma City. Schroder is in stable condition. However, doctors have not determined what's causing his symptoms.