City Moves to Demolish Old Denison HS

Denison city officials are nearing a final decision to tear down the old denison High School.

The halls of the old Denison High School have stood empty for decades. Built in 1913, the rooms have witnessed all sorts of history, but 2006 could be their last.

On Monday night, a non-profit group called Denison Heritage, Inc. agreed to give the city the deed.

The group bought the school five years ago hoping to raise enough money to restore it and despite taking donations, it never happened.

Still, there is a last-ditch effort to save the school. You'll find two petitions at a couple of local businesses with just a few signatures.

Despite the age of the school, it has not been designated as a historical site and there is no marker.

The chairman of the Grayson County Chapter of the Historical Commision says the group does not seek out historical landmarks someone has to come to them with an application. And that hasn't happened.