Denison Upgrading 911 System

08-09-06 - Many people carry cell phones. in case of emergencies. However, if you need to call 911, a dispatcher may not always get the information they need to help. Now, the Denison Fire Department is taking steps to make their emergency services more effective.

The Denison city council agreed to pay for an upgraded 911 system for the Denison Fire Department. The "Phase 2 Wireless Capable System" would allow dispatchers to pin-point a person’s location within a few feet.

The upgrade will cost between $110 and $115,000 and will take months before it is set up. Still, Denison is one of the first cities in Grayson County to approve this kind of upgrade.

Cooke County currently has a Phase 2 Wireless Capable System, but it's not up and running yet. The 911 coordinator for the Texoma Council of Governments says more local agencies will start getting the upgraded systems late this year or early next year.