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By: First Sports Team Email
By: First Sports Team Email



Anna Coyotes

District: 13-2A
Last year: 1-9
Coach: Chris Dodd

Outlook: With seven starters returning on offense, and seven on defense, the Coyotes have a strong chance to be a better team for 2007. Look out for QB Ian Reutelhuber, who runs a 4.7 in the 40-yard dash. He passed for three touchdowns in 2006, to go with two rushing touchdowns. The Coyotes’ defensive line looks to be one of the strongest parts of the team as well.

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Ada Cougars

District: 5-3A
Last year: 7-5
Coach: Steve Dean

Outlook: After a second round loss in the playoffs to Lawton Mac, the Cougars say they’re ready to get back to their goal of a state championship. They return seven starters on offense and eight on defense, including FS/WR Stephan Jones, and QB Michael Roberts, who rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2006. The Cougars also have a group of six seniors who have played together since they were sophomores, and should set the tone for their season.

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Bells Panthers

District: 14-2A
Last year: 2-8 
Coach: Danny Williams

Outlook: The Panthers have six returning starters on the offensive side of the ball, to go with seven on defense for the season. A new quarterback will take the helm for the Panthers—Cody Vaughn is one of the candidates. Other notables returning to the team include wide receiver Clint Johnson and running back Nick Cooke.

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Ardmore Tigers

District: 5A-1
Last year: 7-4 
Coach: Mike Loyd

Outlook:After a first round loss in the playoffs to Lawton Mac, the Tigers are ready to get rolling again in 2007. Gone are standouts like QB Jordan Gary, TE Brian Booker and RB Justin Fields, but the Tigers return RB Dominik Williams and WR Stanton St. Clair. The Tigers should be in the thick of the hunt for a district championship again, along with a playoff run in 2007.

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Blue Ridge Tigers

District: 13-2A
Last year: 6-4 
Coach: Joe Watson

Outlook: The Tigers are picked by many to be in the middle of district 13-2A, but they face some challenges. They lost 16 seniors to graduation, but they return some standouts on both sides of the ball, including WR Shane Williams, who had 370 yards receiving in 2006, along with DT Zach McTee, who had 93 tackles, respectively.

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Atoka Wampus Cats

District: 2A-4
Last year: 1-9
Coach: Brian Walker

Outlook: Atoka begins a new era as head coach Forrest Mazey takes over. The Wampus Cats had a tough time of it last season, but with a large senior class coming back for 2007, the Cats should have an improved team. They lost only six seniors to graduation last year, so the majority of the team is coming back.

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Bonham Purple Warriors

District: 9-3A
Last year: 2-8
Coach: John Hall

Outlook: The Purple Warriors have a new head coach in John Hall for the 2007 season. They struggled in their district last year, but have a fresh slate for the new season. They return only two starters on both the offense and defensive sides of the ball, so rebuilding will be an issue, at least in the early part of the season, if not later. Standouts on the team include Jimmy Allred and Myran Roundtree, who should help lead the charge for Bonham.

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Coalgate Wildcats

District: 2A-4
Last year: 6-4 
Coach: Brian Haynie

Outlook: 2006 was a surprising year for the Wildcats, as many had them picked to make a playoff run, and they fell just short. They’re expected to be in the mix for a postseason appearance in 2007. The Wildcats lost QB Nevada Cole and WR Shawn Linton, but a new crop of players, including WR/DB Curtis John and RB Dakota Spears are expected to step right in.

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Callisburg Wildcats

District: 14-2A
Last year: 7-4 
Coach: Jerry Bomar

Outlook: The Wildcats have seven starters returning on the offensive side of the ball for 2007, along with eight starters on defense, which should put them back in the thick of the playoff hunt. Sophomore Bobby Dorman takes over at the quarterback position, after starting last year at wide receiver. Running back Eric Williams, who scored seven touchdowns in 2006, is also back to be a part of the Wildcat offense again this year.

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Davis Wolves

District: 2A-4
Last year: 13-1
Coach: Jody Weber

Outlook: The Davis Wolves were undoubtedly one of the favorites to win the State Championship in 2006. They were close, but they lost to Vian in the state semifinal. But thanks to a strong program and tradition, the Wolves will be back in the pack looking for a state title again. QB LaQuentin Black is gone, but his brother Quincy is still on the team, along with a host of others who should perform well for the Wolves.

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Celina Bobcats

District: 9-3A
Last year: 15-1 
Coach: Butch Ford

Outlook: The Bobcats’ only loss was the last game of the season in 3A football in 2006—the State Championship game against Liberty Hill. It’s not a stretch to say the Bobcats will be back in the hunt for a state title again in 2007. Celina’s entire starting secondary is gone, but FS D’Anton Lynn returns to shoulder some of that load—watch out for him on the offensive side of the ball, too. RB Charley Waldrep made a splash in the state 7-on-7 tournament in the summer.
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Dickson Comets

District: 3A-2
Last year: 4-6
Coach: Keith Garrett

Outlook: The Comets were just shy of a playoff berth in 2006, and many expect them to be in the hunt for the postseason in 2007. They’ll be in a tough district in 3A-2 as they will face Plainview, Lone Grove, Sulphur, Purcell and Marlow, but they’re ready for the challenge.

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2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Dickson

Collinsville Pirates

District: 15-A
Last year: 9-3 
Coach: Danny David

Outlook: The Pirates’ loss in the area round of the playoffs in 2006 leaves expectations high once again in Collinsville. The Pirates have a new quarterback in junior Mitch Lawdermilk, but many starters return to the offense, including running backs Brian Morgan and Justin Underwood. The Pirates have six returning offensive starters, and five returning defensive starters. Look for them to be just as strong as they were last year.

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Durant Lions

District: 5A-3
Last year: 5-6
Coach: Byron Cordell

Outlook: The Durant Lions made the playoffs for the first time since 1995 when they made their 2006 run, and they’re looking to get back to the postseason for 2007. This will be the team’s second year under head coach Byron Cordell. QB Max White is the likely starter at the position—he saw playing time in the latter part of the year after his brother Bo injured his ankle.

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Denison Yellow Jackets

District: 5-4A
Last year: 4-6 
Coach: Cody White

Outlook: 2007 marks the beginning of the post Bob-Brown era for the Yellow Jackets. New head coach Cody White is ready to take on the task. He’ll have to rebuild in many positions. QB Stanley Morrison is gone, along with much of their offensive and defensive lines. WR Eric Chavez and RB D.J. Jones return to help rebuild the new Yellow Jacket team.

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Fox Foxes

District: C-2
Last year: 8-2 
Coach: Jimmy Dushane

Outlook: The Foxes lost in the second round of the playoffs in 2006, and they’re expected to be in the thick of the postseason in 2007. They were the district B-2 champion last year, so look for them to be in the mix for the district championship once again.

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Gainesville Leopards

District: 8-3A
Last year: 1-9 
Coach: Matt Young

Outlook: 2007 should be a better year for the Leopards, now that the team has had a year of experience under Head Coach Matt Young. The team has six starters on offense returning, along with six on defense, which gives them a strong base to build on for the year. QB Zach McFarlin leads the Leopards offense with a passing and running attack—he ran for 160 yards and three touchdowns and passed for 533 yards, with four touchdowns last year.

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Healdton Bulldogs

District: 1A-3
Last year: 7-3 
Coach: Bill Pascoe

Outlook: The Bulldogs were among the better teams in 1A in Oklahoma in 2006, and even though they finished third in their district, they should be in the postseason again in 2007. The Bulldogs lost 12 seniors to graduation, but expect them to be near the top of district 1A-3 once again.

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Gunter Tigers

District: 14-2A
Last year: 8-3
Coach: Jake Fieszel

Outlook: : Former Assistant Coach Jake Fieszel takes over in 2007, as former head coach Roger Reed moves to the Athletic Director position at GHS. Gunter lost in the first round of the playoffs in 2006—that’s something Fieszel and the Tigers want to change for the upcoming season. RB Daniel Castorena comes back to lead the charge for the Tiger offense, and on the defense, LB Tanner Fowler returns, along with FS Jake Arrington. The defense has nine returning starters in all.

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Kingston Redskins

District: 2A-4
Last year: 7-4
Coach: Jeremy Atwood

Outlook: Kingston’s loss to Bethany in the first round of the playoffs in 2006 has the Redskins hungry for another run for the postseason. QB Benny Lindamood is gone, but the Redskins have WR Josh Mabry returning, along with WR Cameron Smith to lead a new look Redskin team.

Last year's highlights:   Kingston Redskins
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Honey Grove Warriors

District: 15-2A
Last year: 7-5 
Coach: James Fuller

Outlook: Honey Grove is picked by many to be in the thick of the hunt in district 15-2A for a playoff spot at the end of the season. They return five starters on offense—one of them is a four-year starter, RB Byron Finney, who ran for 970 yards and three touchdowns last year. The Warriors also return four starters on the defensive side of the ball.

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Lone Grove Longhorns

District: 3A-2
Last year: 5-6
Coach: Kenny Ridley

Outlook: The Longhorns suffered a first round playoff loss to Kingfisher in 2006, but they’re ready to get back to the postseason in 2007. QB Joe Futch is gone, but the Longhorns hope to rebound and move past their finish in 2006.

Last year's highlights:  Lone Grove Longhorns
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Lone Grove

Howe Bulldogs

District: 14-2A
Last year: 3-7 
Coach: Stony Coffman

Outlook:2007 will be Coffman’s second year as head coach at Howe. The Bulldogs have six starters returning on offense, including junior quarterback Branden Crabb, and running back Chad Goucher. With only three starters returning on defense, that part of the Bulldogs’ game may be a question mark.

Last year’s highlights:  Howe Bulldogs
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Howe

Madill Wildcats

District: 3A-2
Last year: 3-7
Coach: Brad O'Steen

Outlook: The Wildcats have a positive outlook for 2007. RB Mark Butler and RB/LB Aaron Dodd gone, but QB/DB Chance Pearce is back for the Wildcats to lead the charge for the offense. Madill has a large senior class that should make an impact in the 2007 campaign.

Last year's highlights:  Madill Wildcats
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Leonard Tigers

District: 13-2A
Last year: 2-8 
Coach: Shane Fletcher

Outlook: Leonard had a tough draw in district play in 2006, but the Tigers should see some improvement for 2007. They return four offensive starters, to go with 8 defensive starters. Standouts on the offense include RB Jeff Barry and QB Will Cowan. Standouts on the defense include LB William Bearden and DE Ryan Long.

Marietta Indians

District: 2A-4
Last year: 0-10
Coach: Graham Snelding

Outlook: The Indians are looking to bounce back from a disappointing season in 2006. They have a new head coach in Graham Snelding. Marietta’s district is tough—they face Davis, Tishomingo, and Kingston, just to name a few—but they’re looking to make a strong statement in 2007.

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Lindsay Knights

District: 15-A
Last year: 10-2 (State Quarterfinalist) 
Coach: Cody Bounds

Outlook: The Knights return only three starters to the offensive side of the ball in 2006, and six on the defensive side, so 2007 could be a challenge for the Knights. QB Keith Hermes returns to the team to provide a familiar face—Hermes passed for over 1,700 yards last year, to go with 11 touchdowns. Defensively, linebacker Nathan Martin is back as well—he had 115 tackles in 2006.

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Plainview Indians

District: 3A-2
Last year: 8-3
Coach: Corey Cole

Outlook: The Indians have a new coach for 2007. Former Sulphur assistant coach Corey Cole takes over a Plainview team that lost in the playoffs in the first round to Clinton. Several skill positions return to the Indians, like QB Brandon Allen and WR Justin Blackmon, who should lead the charge for the Indians to continue to make waves in 3A-2.

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Muenster Hornets

District: 15-A
Last year: 7-5 
Coach: Monte Endres

Outlook: The Hornets have only six starters coming back from 2006, on both sides of the ball. Running back Corey Reynolds returns on the offense. Reynolds had 11 touchdowns rushing in 2006, to go with 50 tackles as a defensive back. But, after last year’s area playoff appearance, the outlook is still very positive in Muenster.

Last years highlights:   Muenster Hornets
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Muenster

Ringling Blue Devils

District: 1A-3
Last year: 10-2 
Coach: Tracy Gandy

Outlook: Look for the Blue Devils to pick up right where they left off in 2006, with hopes for a district title, and much more, including a shot at the state championship. Josey Harbour returns to the Blue Devils, along with a very strong senior class. Ringling lost to state champion Okeene in the second round of the playoffs in 2006. Look for them to move past that mark in 2007.

Last year's highlights:  Ringling Blue Devils
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North Lamar Panthers

District: 11-4A
Last year: 8-4 
Coach: Tommy Felty

Outlook: The Panthers’ playoff appearance in 2006 leads many to believe they’ll be back in the postseason again. They return only two starters on offense, and five starters on defense. The two starters on offense are both linemen, including OT Corey Woods. They also return LB Kaleb Price, who had 83 tackles in 2006.

Sulphur Bulldogs

District: 3A-2
Last year: 3-7
Coach: Jim Dixon

Outlook: 2007 should be a better year for the Bulldogs, thanks in part to some key players returning at the skill positions. QB Robert Thomas returns for his senior season to lead the Bulldogs offense, along with WR Bryeson Lance.

Last year's highlights:  Sulphur Bulldogs
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Sulphur

Paris Wildcats

District: 11-4A
Last year: 6-4 
Coach: Travis Smith

Outlook: The Wildcats have 15 starters returning—eight on the offensive side of the ball and seven defensively. Their overall experience, especially at the skill positions, is considered one of the team’s strengths. Standouts include CB Jordan Fields and FS Keon Furtch.

Last year’s highlights:Paris Wildcats
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Tishomingo Indians

District: 2A-4
Last year: 5-6 
Coach: Mark Patterson

Outlook:The Indians are a more experienced team overall, now that they have a year under Patterson’s system. QB Jordan Vasquez is back at the helm of the Indian offense, along with TB Rhett Parish and WR Leslie Wesberry. The Indians are a relatively young team with a strong junior class.

Last year's highlights:  Tishomingo Indians
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Tishomingo

Pottsboro Cardinals

District: 14-2A
Last year: 7-3 
Coach: Matt Poe

Outlook: In just his first year as head coach, Matt Poe led his team to a 7-3 mark, after back-to-back 0-10 seasons. Though many skill position players are gone from last year’s offense, some familiar faces return, like running back Ray Makuch, who scored five touchdowns in 2006. Both the offensive and defensive lines have starters returning as well, like DE Brian Hayward, and OL Ben Garner.

Last year’s highlights:  Pottsboro Cardinals
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Pottsboro

Wilson Eagles

District: 1A-3
Last year: 4-6 
Coach: Bob Richmond

Outlook: The Eagles finished in the middle of the back in district 1A-3, but they had some stiff competition with teams like Velma-Alma, Ringling and Healdton. The Eagles suffered some close losses in 2006, which they could turn into wins for 2007, so look for them to challenge for a playoff spot in the district.

Last year's highlights:  Wilson Eagles
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Wilson

Sherman Bearcats

District: 5-4A
Last year: 8-2
Coach: Drew Young

Outlook: It’s a rare occurrence to go 8-2 and not make the playoffs in 2006, but the Bearcats finished fourth in district 5-4A, and are looking for a better finish in 2007. The Cats have a good group of players returning, including QB Matt Rome, DE Jeremy Gray, who has verbally committed to Oklahoma State, and RB Waymon James.

Last year’s highlights:  Sherman Bearcats
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Sherman

Wynnewood Savages

District: 1A-3
Last year: 5-5 
Coach: Jay Vermillion

Outlook: The Savages finished just shy of a playoff berth in 2006, at 5-5. They play in one of the toughest districts in the state at 1A, with Velma-Alma, Ringling and Healdton, but that doesn’t mean the Savages can’t make a run at a postseason berth for 2007.

Last year's highlights:  Wynnewood Savages
2007 Preview: Coming Soon

S& S Rams

District: 14-2A
Last year: 4-6 
Coach: Billy Edwards

Outlook: The Rams have a total of 12 starters returning to the team in 2007, which should give them a better team than last year. One of the standout starters returning is outside linebacker Chris Little, who had 75 tackles last year. WR Eric Bartels returns to help lead the Bulldog offense.

Last year’s highlights:  S & S Rams
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: S&S

Hugo Buffaloes

Last year: 10-3 
Coach: Tommy Bare

Outlook: In 2006, the Buffaloes lost in the state semifinal to Marlow, led by one of the best running backs in the state, Derrick Locke. Locke is gone, but the high expectations still remain for Hugo, as the Buffaloes look to get back into the postseason. Without Locke, the offensive picture is expected to change for the Buffaloes, who should be able to shoulder the load.

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Tom Bean Tomcats

District: 14-2A
Last year: 0-10 
Coach: Tal Sanders

Outlook: The Tomcats have a new coach this year in Tal Sanders. And with five starters returning on each the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, the Tomcats have a stronger 2007 outlook than their 2006 finish indicates. Standouts on defense include safety Drew Hodge, and defensive lineman Keaton Parrish. On the offensive side, running back Nathan Parish returns to the team. Parish was second team all-district in 2006.

Last year’s highlights:  Tom Bean Tomcats
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Tom Bean


Valley View Eagles

District: 15-A
Last year: 5-5 
Coach: Scott Smiley

Outlook: The 2007 season will be Smiley’s second as Eagles head coach, so players will have a whole year of the system under their belts. A playoff appearance could be in store for this year’s Valley View team. They return six starters on offense, and seven on defense.

Last year’s highlights:  Valley View Eagles
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Valley View


Van Alystne Panthers

District: 9-3A
Last year: 2-8 
Coach: Brian Polk

Outlook: Polk will be in his second year with the Panthers, who only return two starters on offense, and three on defense. But, one of the returning members of the defense is DE Raul Biscarro, who made 30 tackles last year. The Panthers are expected to be stronger this year than last year, which should make the competition in 9-3A fun to watch. 

Last year’s highlights:  Van Alstyne Panthers
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Van Alstyne


Whitesboro Bearcats

District: 9-3A
Last year: 4-6 
Coach: Eddie Gill

Outlook:2007 will be Eddie Gill’s second year with the Bearcats, so the offense will have a whole year of experience. Standout RB Jake Labhart is gone to play for Air Force, but QB Clifton Vannoy is back, along with OT Zach Carpenter, and LB Russell Fomby. The Bearcats should still look good on special teams as well, as K Jacob Williams comes back too.

Last year’s highlights:  Whitesboro Bearcats
2007 Preview: 2007 Preview: Whitesboro


Whitewright Tigers

District: 14-2A
Last year: 8-3 
Coach: Chuck Lipsey

Outlook: The Tigers once again find themselves as the defending champions in district 14-2A, but with a first-round loss in the playoffs in 2006, they have their goals set on going further in the post-season. Returning to the team for his senior year is standout tailback Jeremy Brown, who scored 25 touchdowns last year.

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Wolfe City Wolves

Last year: 11-1 
Coach: Todd Palmer

Outlook: Wolfe City’s appearance in the regional final in 2006 leads many to believe the Wolves will make another run at the playoffs in 2007. Palmer is a former coordinator who was promoted to the head coach position for the new season. The Wolves lost 15 seniors to graduation, but with the return of key players like LB B.K. Scott and DB Emmanuel Akers, they should still be competitive.

Melissa Cardinals

District: 17-A
Last year: 9-4 
Coach: Ronny Williams

Outlook: 2007 will be the first year the Cardinals will have a new class coming in. The 2006 group of seniors were the first Cardinal players to have ever graduated. Junior QB Zach Williams comes back to lead the Cardinals; he passed for 1,308 yards and nine touchdowns last year, to go with 1,454 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns. The Cardnals also return six starters on the defensive side of the ball.

Last years highlights: Melissa Cardinals

2007 Preview: Coming Soon

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