Missing Money in Boswell Public Works

BOSWELL, Okla. (AP) - Almost $73,000 in utility payments and deposits are missing from the Boswell Public Works Authority.

State Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan's office discovered the
missing money in an audit requested by Boswell Mayor Buck Eastwood.
The audit's now in the hands of Choctaw County District Attorney
Virginia Sanders.

McMahan reviewed utility records from January 1st, 2004, thru
October 11th, 2005. That's when Bowell's former utility billing
clerk resigned.

The audit found that more than $68,000 was collected from customers in the audit's time frame. All but about $1,000 of those payments were made in cash -- and was found to be missing.

The audit also found that about $5,700 in deposits were received but not deposited.