Teenagers Part of Large Burglary Ring

The following is a news release from the Whitesboro PD:

The Whitesboro Police Department has broken up a 2 county burglary ring involving 5 to 7 Gainesville juveniles.

These juveniles have been burglarizing cities and county areas in Cooke and Grayson Counties. At this time we have cleared over 20 burglaries that have occurred in the City limits of Whitesboro. There were numerous other burglaries committed by these juveniles in other jurisdictions such as in Cooke County, Era, Valley View, Gainesville, Lindsey, Muenster, Oak Ridge, Lake Kiowa, and some rural areas of Grayson County.

This group of highly organized 15 and 16 year old juveniles were on a 4 to 6 week crime spree that netted them thousands of dollars of stolen property taken from these burglaries. This property was either gained from the burglaries themselves or from credit cards or other property taken from the burglaries. They would go to different Towns and commit multiple car or residential burglaries.

The Whitesboro Police Department has recovered Thousands of Dollars of the stolen property, from a stolen handgun to clothing purchased with the stolen credit card. We have also recovered financial and identifying documents. Charges on these juveniles will range from but are not limited to, Burglary to Credit Card Abuse.

I am glad to make this press release because this crime spree has cost the citizens of Texoma a lot of monetary pain, but the greater pain I feel we have helped with is that of our citizens not feeling secure. I feel that our citizens can feel a little more at ease knowing that we have caught these juveniles. This is an on going case and other developments could arise and hopefully more property will be recovered.
- Interim Chief Scott Taylor