Schools Cautious in Intense Heat

The hot weather is keeping much of the back to school buzz indoors. From boiling hot playgrounds and outdoor surfaces to the chance of dehydration, local teachers aren't taking any chances.

When the temperatures get too high, usually 90 degrees or more, recess and PE are held indoors.

Today at Sherman elementary schools, kids had to expend some of their energy in the classroom. Teachers are even carrying radios that can tune into weather channels, keeping them updated on heat advisories.

In Denison, educators say some of the older kids are used to being outdoors. The high school band has already spent several weeks in the sun for band camp.

Educators in both school districts say when it comes to their students’ safety, they take the heat seriously and ask parents to do the same. They ask parents to be familiar with after school bus schedules and be sure to send kids to school with sun screen if outdoor activities are planned.

Oklahoma districts in our area, including those who have not yet started back, are following similar precautions: limits on outdoor playtime and providing plenty of water breaks. Durant school districts have reported no problems so far this year.