Schools Brace for Price of Pay Raises

8-14-06 - Oklahoma's school districts are absorbing the fixed costs of a teacher pay raise this school year. In the Ardmore district alone, it will cost $115,000 to cover costs such as retirement and Social Security.

Ardmore teachers reported to training today with a $3,000 a year raise to look forward to, but that luxury is costing the district $115,000 more this year. With the rising cost of paper and energy, that money is hard to come by.

Local lawmakers have promised to ask the Oklahoma legislature for supplemental funding when they convene next year, but that's a ways off.

Until then, Ardmore’s "carry over" fund is taking a big hit. But for those schools that don't have that cushion, they have to find other ways to cut back.

The supplemental funding will be on the legislature's agenda when they convene in February. However, Crutchfield says it's not a sure thing.