Lone Grove Police Tranquilize Pit Bull

8-15-06 - Lone Grove police were forced to tranquilize a pit bull that chased a man and then threatened the police chief this week. It all began on Monday when a man ran out of gas on Highway 70.

Police say he was walking to get help when the pit bull started chasing him. The man crossed four lanes of highway and took shelter in a nearby store.

A driver passing by saw it happen and called 911. When the chief got to the dog's home in the 15 thousand block of west Highway 70 the dog tried to attack him as well. He drove back to the PD and got their newly purchased tranquilizer gun to settle the dog down.

Its owners came looking for him this morning. They say they didn't know their year and a half old dog was loose and said he never showed signs of viciousness in the past.

Police say if the dog gets loose again, they will have to put him to sleep. The chief says they've had about six or seven calls this year alone of pit bulls running loose.