New Support for Super Highway

8-15-06 - Some Grayson County leaders are asking the State of Texas to bring a proposed super highway into the county. The Trans-Texas Corridor is a combination of railroad lines and highways that would connect Mexico, Texas, and And Oklahoma.

The TTC is still in the early planning stages as the state tries to map out the system. There are several proposed routes.

After more than a month of town hall meetings across the state, TX-DOT is down to a dozen possible maps. The preferred route crosses southwest Grayson County into Cooke County. But people there don't want the corridor.

For the second time this summer, a handful of mayors and city officials from across Grayson County met to discuss another proposed route, one that would hit just east of Highway 69.

It’s too soon to say where Grayson County stands in all of this, but the Sherman city council recently passed a resolution supporting the corridor. Denison will consider a resolution at Monday night's council meeting. And Howe will discuss the issue tonight.