Flight Diverted to Boston, Passengers Evacuated

BOSTON (AP) - A federal official is now denying that the woman who caused a trans-Atlantic flight to be diverted to Boston today was carrying suspicious items. An airport spokesman in Boston had earlier said those objects included Vaseline, a screwdriver, matches and a note mentioning al-Qaida.

The Transportation Security Administration official in charge in Boston now says the passenger was claustrophobic and became upset. She then got into a confrontation with the flight crew.

United Flight 923 was headed for Washington, D-C, but the pilot declared an in-flight emergency and landed in Boston. The passengers were escorted off the plane, and their carry-on bags were spread out on the tarmac, to be searched with the help of bomb-sniffing dogs.

The flight took off from Heathrow Airport in London, where there's been tight security in place since last week's arrests in a plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights.