JonBenet Ramsey: A Look at Suspect's Email

08-18-06 - The man who claims he killed JonBenet Ramsey once apparently claimed he was being investigated for "child murder and child molestation." And he expressed sympathy for Michael Jackson. That turned up in an e-mail exchange between a University of Colorado professor and a man believed to be John Karr.

Friday’s Rocky Mountain News obtained some of the e-mails from a source close to the investigation. In another note, Karr apparently asks the professor to visit the Ramseys' home and read aloud a poem he wrote called "JonBenet, My Love." Meanwhile, the Ramseys' lawyer says JonBenet's mother was asked in late May whether she'd be willing to meet with Karr.

According to the lawyer, Patsy Ramsey agreed, but the meeting never happened because authorities didn't get back to her before she died in June.