Denison Students Involved in Hazing

08-18-06 - Just four days into the 2006 school year an investigation has been started in a hazing incident that sent two Denison students to the hospital Thursday night.

The Denison School District has a no-tolerance policy on hazing, but the superintendents says that is exactly what happened Thursday night at the back to school dance when two freshman were physically intimidated by sophomores. More than 500 students attended the annual dance at the school, and school officials say things were going smoothly until around 9:00 p.n. when two freshman bys reported that they had been hit; one on the dance floor and the other in the restroom.

According to police reports filed by the family of one of the freshman, the student says he was dragged into the bathroom and assaulted by up to five people. Later that night, the boys were taken to Texoma Medical Center where they were checked out for injuries.

Neither student could identify their assailants, but the Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott says those who participated in the hazing will be penalized. School officials spent Friday questioning students to find out who is responsible for the hazing. Punishment for those involved could include suspension or assignment to the alternative school, depending on the circumstances. Denison Police are conducting an investigation of their own, but say it’s too early to know whether any charges will be filed. To read about the school’s policy on hazing and other polices click here.