Trash Building Up Along Carpenter's Bluff

8-22-06 The shores of the Red River are popular, but the trash that's left behind is not. It's a morning ritual for Emma Capshaw, a little exercise and fresh air. But over the years, the daily walks took on a greater purpose.

Emma circles the two miles around her Hendrix neighborhood, armed with a few tools and a good eye. Emma's neighborhood is about a mile from Carpenter's Bluff. And as people travel to and from the summer hotspot, the trash may have a tendency to travel, too.

Emma's efforts have gotten the attention of the county. Workers for the commissioner's office now pick up the trash that she and other helpful neighbors collect.

Emma lives just north of Carpenters Bluff. She says she doesn't like to come down here. It's certainly an ugly sight, and it smells as bad as it looks.

The county commissioner says local efforts are starting to make a difference, but there's more work to be done.