Miles Apart: Fuel Price Differences

8-23-06 - Differences in gas prices between Oklahoma and Texas stations have local viewers demanding answers. It's an issue that's always been around, but is more noticeable these days due to record fuel prices.

The price of regular unleaded is about 2.65 at stations in Denison, but just a few miles north of the Red River prices rise ten to twenty cents.

So how can the price climb that high in just a few of miles?

According to the experts, it's because Texoma falls between two pipelines. One of those pipelines comes up from the gulf coast and ends in Dallas. A lot of Texas stations get their gas out of that line. There's another that begins at the Valero plant in Ardmore and runs all the way to Chicago. Most Oklahoma stations get their supply from that line.

Right now, the line coming from the coast has the higher supply and lower prices. And the disparity between the two supply sources is huge. Starting from Ardmore going on north, prices are about an average of twenty cents higher than local Texas stations.

A lot of those Oklahoma stations that normally get gas from Ardmore are starting to pay the extra price to haul gas from Texas just to have those lower prices.