Proposal to change deer hunting in Grayson County

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- It's a hot topic amongst deer hunters in Grayson County--proposed changes to Grayson County's deer hunting laws.

About 150 people turned out for a meeting about the controversial proposal to allow gun hunting of deer in Grayson county during deer season.

Currently only bow hunting of deer is allowed, and the public had the chance to give the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department their input Thursday night at Grayson County College's Center for Workplace Learning.

Those in attendance were overwhelmingly opposed to changing the current law.

"My opinion is to keep it bow hunting only" says Brock Benson of the Grayson County Whitetail Association.

Most of the hunters who attended the meeting at the Grayson County College Center for Workplace Learning on Thursday night shared that opinion, and want to keep the county gun free, at least when it comes to deer.

"Grayson County is a special place that near and dear to our hearts. It’s a special opportunity for archers across Texas to put in for Hagerman and private land and to have that once in a lifetime chance to kill that 200-inch deer."

Directors and commissioners from Texas Parks and Wildlife were at the meeting to listen to hunters and share information.

Local bow hunters argued against the rifle season saying that there just aren’t enough deer to go around.

“We live in Grayson County, we hunt the whitetail, we know the population that we hunt, and we feel the population is not big enough to warrant a rifle season," resident William Plouche says.

Hunters also added that bow hunting not only preserves the deer population, it also preserves wild places for those who do not hunt.

"You get to see a lot more deer when you archery hunt. You can spend all day watching a bobcat or coyotes or 20 deer if you are in the right spot," bow hunter David Houseman says.

Texas Parks and Wildlife commissioners will decide whether or not to have public hearing about a rifle season in Grayson County at their meeting on January 21.

TWPD will publish the public's proposals and they will be made available at a series of hearings around the state next spring. A final decision will be made by the commission in March.

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