Sherman City Workers to Get Raise

8-30-06 - There is good news for all city workers in Sherman: the city council is expected to approve a budget that would give all workers a three percent raise in salary.

However, it's not so much a reward, as it is the cost of competition.

In particular, the police and fire departments have trained officers only to see them wooed away by the Metroplex, which can pay them higher salaries and provide them better benefits.

Now, not only will they receive a raise, but the city is also increasing their retirement benefits to the maximum matching contribution.

They are measures the departments say will be necessary not only to recruit, but to retain the personnel they have. It makes it tougher when a move to the Metroplex keeps them within driving distance

Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones explains, “They leave and go to the Dallas area where they make $11 to1200 more a month; people don't mind the drive for that much money.”

Chief Jones says they will lose on average, anywhere from three to five firefighters to the Dallas area a year.

He and Police Chief Tom Watt did make presentations to the council about their departments needs.

Right now, both have openings that need to be filled.

The council is expected approve the new budget at their September 5th council meeting.

The new raises will take effect October 1st.