New place to stay for fire survivors

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PARIS, TX -- Several men displaced by a deadly fire are settling into their new, temporary home.

The Christians in Action shelter in Paris, Texas, caught fire earlier this month, with nearly 30 men inside. Five of those men did not make it out alive. Those who did survive were left without a home.

A resident donated a building to the 15 men, temporarily. They have made their beds at the former Flying Tiger Museum. One man who was inside the shelter during the fire says he is glad to be alive, and says he and the other men are trying to enjoy life, and not worry about the things they do not have.

"Objects and material things dont matter to me, I don't collect them, don't need them, just the clothes that God gives me on my back," said Jason Lawver, a survivor of the deadly fire.

The shelter director says the city hopes to build a new homeless shelter. They also hope to dedicate a memorial in honor of those who died.

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