Invention Targets DWI Prevention

9-07-06 - An inventor in Gunter, Texas says he's designed a device that will help parents find out if their child is drinking and driving.

Joe Caperton came up with the idea nine months ago.

Having worked in law enforcement, Caperton took two existing ideas and brought them together: GPS and alcohol detectors. He patented the ACT GPS, which uses global positioning systems for parents to track their teens, and an alcohol sensor to alert parents if beer or liquor is inside the car.

If the detector picks up the scent of alcohol, a message and GPS coordinates will be sent via email in a text message to the parents’ phone. From there they can disable the vehicle.

“A system like this one described would be phenomenal,” said Sergeant Bruce Dawsey of the Sherman Police Department.

However, it may not stop there. Caperton has also spoken to law enforcement agencies about the device, which is one that adds a new spin to the breathalyzer and one that has some potential.

“With the GPS tracking, I don't see how it wouldn't be beneficial,” says Sergeant Dawsey.

That could be just the beginning.

Right now, Capertaon is working to get the ACT GPS patent finalized.

He expects full production to begin in about 90 days. Then, parents and police officers will be able to get their hands on one for about $800.

For more information on the device, click here.