KXII shuts off analog signal Friday, Feb. 6

By: Josh Stevenson Email
By: Josh Stevenson Email

SHERMAN, TX -- We've been talking about the big digital TV transition for months, Friday, KXII-TV will turn off its analog transmitter for good. Josh Stevenson tells us what you can expect after Friday's big switch.

Comparing digital TV to analog TV is much like comparing FM radio to AM radio, or high-speed Internet to dial-up. But unlike AM radio or dial-up Internet, analog TV isn't just outdated, it's about to be extinct.

"You can't watch any TV station without seeing at least one commercial about it."

The digital TV transition. Over the last few months it's been everywhere--on commercials and banners, and in scrolling letters along the top or bottom of your TV screen. For KXII, that day has come, and that day is Friday.

"We will be turning off or analog transmitter on the 6th and we won't be turning it back on," said KXII Operations Manager, Bryan Norman.

When the station signs off Friday night, the analog age at Channel 12 will draw to a close and the digital age will be ushered in. But what does that mean for viewers?

For those who are prepared for the switch, it means a better picture and more programming.

"Where they have only received a couple of channels for 50 years, now in this market they will be able to receive at least five additional channels," Norman said.

And for those who aren't ready...

"Get it or your TV is going to go out," said one Best Buy customer in Sherman.

Starting Saturday, crews will be working to bring KXII's digital signal up to full power, more than doubling the signal strength. This means viewers will not only get a better signal, but KXII-TV will be able to reach more places.

"It's also going to grow the coverage area by as much as 20 miles in every direction," Norman said.

So for those in the furthest reaches of the KXII viewing area, say goodbye to that old static-laden signal, and hello to crystal clear digital TV.

If you have not bought your converter box or a digital television yet, it's not too late. Those boxes are available at many retail locations in our viewing area. If you have cable or dish network, don't worry, you will not be affected by the digital transition.

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  • by Keith Location: Durant on Oct 8, 2009 at 09:15 AM
    Good News! DirecTv shows to be putting on KXII and KTEN in November 2009.
  • by foxfan Location: atoka on Mar 7, 2009 at 09:19 AM
    So when is 12.3 (Fox) going to get fixed?!? I can't take much more of the choppiness, pauses and out of synch-ness w/ the audio. I'm trying to be patient.
  • by John Location: Dallas on Feb 26, 2009 at 11:32 AM
    Jennifer: you're right; I've seen that folks are having trouble even in Sherman. A lot of things could cause problems even in a strong signal area: the antenna may be poorly oriented; there could be something blocking the signal, etc. Anyone having trouble should experiment - they might get lucky and find a "hot spot" like cgd in Stratford did. (Cable is a different situation: if you have cable and can't get KXII, you need to complain to your cable co. - after all you're paying them to send you a good signal.) Whitewright is 45 miles "as the crow flies" from KXII's transmitter near Madill: farther than Sherman, but rabbit ears could still work. Try aligning them east/west: you might be able to get both KXII 12 from the north and WFAA 8 from the south! If rabbit ears won't work, consider a new antenna (usually you can return an indoor antenna if it doesn't help, but ask) but a different TV or converter box probably won't work any better than the ones you already have.
  • by cgd Location: stratford on Feb 25, 2009 at 08:32 AM
    John: KXII needs to give you a paycheck for trying to help in doing all of this. Let me tell you, after reading your most recent postings, I went home last night and moved my tv to the other side of the room (NE wall) and I get KXII now!!! Both of the tv antenna thingies are straight up and down, but I was able to watch NCIS last night crystal clear. I am VERY GRATEFUL for all of your help...thank you thank you thank you!!! Thank you John! -from the Staff
  • by John Location: Dallas on Feb 24, 2009 at 08:59 AM
    Arleen: in my opinion the RCA indoor antennas are just too small to work well on VHF, but unlike cgd in Statford, you're probably close enough for rabbit ears. Here are some hints that might work: if possible, set your rabbit ears along a north-facing exterior wall of your home (so the TV signal has to pass through as little as possible), and up high away from anything metal (atop a bookshelf would be good). Flatten them out and extend them east/west to about six feet total length (three feet for each "ear"). Then hook the rabbit ears to your converter box, hook your converter box to your TV, and rescan. If this is a lousy location for your TV, temporarily use a portable TV or run a long cable from the converter box to your TV. Once you get it working you can experiment with more convenient places for the rabbit ears and converter box.
  • by jennifer Location: whitewright on Feb 24, 2009 at 06:37 AM
    john in dallas, I also want to thank you for all your input. you have been the only source of information that gives clear able to understand explanations. now knowing im taking a chance of sounding stupid i do have a question for you. i determined i live about 67mi from Madill. from all accounts Madill is operating at full power. from what i have read that only extended the viewing area abt 30mi which is still out of my range. you mentioned previously i might have to get an outside or attic antenna. from other comments people have these plus digital tvs cable etc and some live within 25-30 miles of the towers and still cant get a decent signal. i dont want to invest in addition equipment if its not going to help. what am i missing? thanks again for your knowledge.
  • by jennifer Location: whitewright on Feb 24, 2009 at 06:00 AM
    staff why would anyone want to leave their email or tele # with their comment. with all the previous haters that left their mean demeaning comments that would just give them more opportunities to contact people. just one more comment to those jerks, there is only one person who can pass judgement and God help them on Judgement Day! back to staff, i have called and emailed numerous times with no response. what can you tell anyone differently when we have followed all instructions with no avail!!! i dont blame kxii i know this transition was initiated thru government. what is upsetting and frustrating as others have stated is from the very beginning we were led to believe all you needed was a converter box to continue watching tv. nothing about getting special antennas,distances you live from the towers,etc. and finally why go spend more money when other comments indicate they have digital tvs,outside anntenas,cable and they still cant pick up a decent signal. frustated & disappointed!
  • by Arleen Location: Sherman on Feb 23, 2009 at 03:13 PM
    Well then I must be in the 10% that "re-scanning" just doesn't work for. I have tried both rabbit ears & one of the new uhf/vhf RCA indoor antennas with no luck, I have tried with and without the converter box. I am probably within 30 miles of Madill,OK, I have a new digital TV but since KXII dropped their UHF feed I no longer receive their reception either. My satelite company is DirectTV and we can not receive our local channels thru the satelite feed. I am frustrated at wasting hours & hours this weekend trying different configurations & "re-scanning" but nothing has worked. I am disappointed to lose CBS but it seems to be requiring TV viewers of this station to take a major step backwards in time to have to go out & purchase an ugly outside antenna to get reception. So as the person below said, I guess I'll be giving up CBS and KXII too.
  • by cgd Location: stratford on Feb 23, 2009 at 09:01 AM
    John, thanks for clarifying. i double checked my antenna and it is for both uhf and vhf. and maybe i am too far away now. unfortunately, when oklahoma city does their conversion (which apparently is postponed until June), I will get something other than the kten channels. again, thanks for listening & responding. you seem to know quiet a bit and i for one appreciate it, because kxii doesn't seem to be able to keep up with all the angry viewers - hahahaha. guess life goes on without ............hahahaha If you'd leave a email or phone when you submit your comment, we'd be glad to contact you to try and help you rescan in KXII. Our success rate is above 90% helping people rescan in KXII. -Staff
  • by John Location: Dallas on Feb 22, 2009 at 09:06 PM
    Just to clarify, I don't work for KXII or any other TV station; I'm just a regular fellow like the rest of you. I'm not sure whether KXII is at full power yet. Friday there was a crawl at the top of this article explaining that KXII was at reduced power for equipment upgrades which would take several days, but the crawl is gone now. Hopefully their upgrades are done. Anyway, I do think the DTV transition was oversold; few were told that a weak signal before DTV might well turn into no signal after, or that you couldn't tell whether a station was UHF or VHF from its channel number anymore! My best guess is cgd's antennas work really well for UHF but aren't so good for VHF. KTEN's digital signal is UHF, and KXII's used to be until the switchover, so that would explain the problem. The solution would be an indoor VHF antenna; unfortunately Stratford may be too far from Madill for rabbit ears (amplified or not), and I don't know of anything better you can buy.
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