Players in Springer walk out on Coach

SPRINGER -- Students and parents at Springer High School are frustrated with school administrators, and the how slow they are to respond to complaints that bullying is occurring at their school.

A group of students who were all members of the Girls Basketball team until a few nights ago, sat down with our own Daniel Armbruster to express their displeasure.

They say that the head coach of the girls basketball team, Robert Bradley, along with one of his players have bullied them over the course of the last 2 years.

A sign above the front door at Springer Schools reads "Welcome to our school. Where no child is left behind." But, if you ask some students and parents, they might disagree.

"He belittles them...he cusses at them," said Jamie Frasier, a concerned parent.

She and others say Coach Bradley treats most of his team poorly. In fact at half-time of their game on Thursday, nearly half of his players got up and walked out.

"We don't just walk away for nothing there has to be something wrong," said Chelsea Whitfield, one of the players who walked out.

The concerned students and parents say they disagree with the way that Coach Bradley and Principal Brenda Foster have allowed several bullying situations between one teammate and the rest of the team to go unnoticed.

"They'll pacify you for a week or two and then it goes back to square one repeatedly over and over," said Frasier.

"In a way I think the coach aggrees the other player because he won't do anything about it and won't say anything to her," said Ashley McDaniel, one of the players.

One of the girls says she quit last year because of the same reason, and has even sought counseling.

"I couldn't go on with the abuse they had done with me, with the things they had said to me and get by with it," said Sara Frasier, one of the players

The girls say they love basketball, but will not rejoin the team.

"The reason I walked out is to show coach that he can't just let it go, that something has to be done, and I dont think it's right that we've had to put up with it for two years. It's not just Thursday night or the whole season, it's been two years," said Ashlie Frasier, one of the players.

Principal Foster did tell First News that there is an active investigation into the complaints regarding Coach Bradley.

All of the parents and students seen in this story plan to meet with the school administrators on Monday in an effort to bring an end to this situation.

First News made numerous attempts to contact Coach Bradley about this matter today, but as of the time of the broadcast, he had not yet returned our phone calls.

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