2nd Anniversary of 10-Person Fatal Accident

9-20-06 - Wednesday marked the 2nd anniversary of the semi-accident that killed ten people along highway 75 in Sherman. It was a tragedy that brought national attention Texoma and the trucking industry.

Since the accident, concrete barriers have been put along the median. But while some things have changed since the tragedy, others have not.

Mike Martin woke up this morning and drove to scene of the accident. It's the place his wife, mother-in-law, and three young sons were killed when Miroslav Joswiak fell asleep at the wheel of his semi-truck and crossed the median.

Five more people in a separate vehicle were also killed that day.

Two years later, Martin's life has obviously changed. Still he says he hasn't seen as much change as he'd like. Martin still sees problems, the same ones that killed his family and are still killing people today.

While the danger is still there, so are some things that could have made a difference. Concrete barriers now stretch from Howe all the way to Travis Street in Sherman. They are there to prevent similar accidents.

TEX-DOT approved the barriers a month before the accident happened. The tragedy only re-enforced the need for them. When this project is complete, the barriers will stretch from the Collin-Grayson line all the way through Sherman.