3 sent to hospital after stabbing in Honey Grove

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HONEY GROVE, TX-- Last week, Fannin County issued a restraining order, against 23-year-old Aaron Charles, of Honey Grove.

Neighbors said Charles' ex-girlfriend, 22-year-old Ashley Martin was scared for herself and their son.

Martin's next door neighbor, Brian Owens, said the two fought in the past. But he was surprised to hear what happened Tuesday morning.

"I went outside to check on my dog, that I got in the back yard, she was barking and going on and I walked out and there was all these police cars and yellow tape and it kind of freaked me out a little bit."

Around 7:15 A.M. Tuesday, Honey Grove police chief Mark Johnson said three people were stabbed with a kitchen knife. Johnson said Charles broke into Martin's apartment.

"He had a knife in his hand. I managed to talk him down and to put the knife down. He was detained until the ambulance. He himself had self-inflicted injuries into his abdomen and several marks on his arms that were not good."

Charles allegedly stabbed Martin and her friend, Aubrey Bates at Martin's apartment on East Main Street and South 7th Street.

"The only thing I can detect that there was, Aubrey Bates' car parked in the yard. Aaron works across the street, he saw the car apparently and just went over and kicked the back door in."

All three suffered life-threatening injuries and were flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. During the struggle, two children were upstairs sleeping, but they weren't hurt.

There is a felony arrest warrant issued for Charles, for breaking the restraining order. And he faces aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but depending on injuries those charges could change.

"It's very tragic, and it affects the whole community," Owens said.