4-H club honors veterans and troops

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Tishomingo's 6th grade 4-H club presented a salute to veterans, troops and fallen heroes.

Julie Carroll planned the event, and has worked on it for six months.

"We have another special flag presentation, we have in our midst a colonel, a general and an admiral," she said. "So we're happy to have those guys here."

After the colors were presented, the pledge recited and the national anthem played those who served in each branch were asked to stand.

The night also included a special recognition of World War II veterans. For one, it was an honor to be honored.

"I think it's a great privilege and I was glad to do it," said veteran Don James.

4-H has also been raising money for a new veterans center in Johnston County. So far they've raised about $1,800--a little short of their $2,500 dollar goal. But as a surprise, they're presenting a blank check to the veterans at the end of the night in the hopes that they'll make up the money with an auction during the event.

"My passion is to support patriotism, support our country and get kids more involved," added Carroll.

The 4-H club also supported troops by collecting about 90 care packages for those overseas.

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